Today is AärdCON!

A full day for anyone interested in TTRPGs, D&D, Fantasy Art and Media, Tabletop Terrain, Mini Painting, and so much more! Check out the agenda below and come on down: 811 Radford Rd NE, Calgary, AB, Canada

10:30am Doors Open!
10:45am Main Stage: Sean's introductory remarks (15 mins)
10:45am TTRPG Session 1: Friendly Mike's OSR adventure // The Noble Bachelor (3 hours)
11:00am Main Stage: Nancy of The Mercenary Co: “Making voices since 2010!” (1 hour)
11:00am Workshop: Courtney of Figuratively Speaking Minis - Getting Started with Miniature Painting (2 hours)
11:00am TTRPG Session 2: OldCrow Chris' 5e Pirate one-shot // Adventures on the High Seas (3 hours)
11:15am TTRPG Session 3: Calgary Legend Shane Madgett Hosts a 5e One Shot (3 hours)
12:00n Main Stage: Sean of Aardnor Minis: “Over 40 Years as a D&D Player and DM!” (1 hour)
1:00pm Main Stage: Epic Jim's Mini Painting Competition (1 hour)
2:30pm Main Stage: Jillian - Coyote and Crow artist! (1 hour)
2:45pm Workshop: Sean of Aardnor Minis - RPG Terrain Building Basics (1 hour)
3:15pm TTRPG Session 4: TJ's 3.5e Adventure // Enter the Edition Wars with TJ (3 hours)
3:30pm TTRPG Session 5: Russ' 5e One-shot // Annual AärdCON 5e One Shot (3 hours)
3:45pm TTRPG Session 6: Morgan's Amazing Adventure // Coyote and Crow (3 hours)
4:00pm Main Stage: JP of Garviel Studios: “Full time Commission Artist and Charity Promoter” (1 hour)
4:00pm Parking Lot: Food Truck - Holy Griddle
4:15pm Workshop: Friendly Mike of Wayward Brothers Tattoo - OSR, Collective Story Telling, and Theatre of the Mind (1 hour)
5:30pm Main Stage: 13 Sided Die Podcast - Panel of all the Speakers & Workshop Leaders! (1.5 hours)
7:15pm Main Stage: Closing remarks by Sean (15 mins)
7:30pm Show ends - see you next year!

Welcome to AärdCON!

Saturday, June 8, 2024 in Sunny Calgary. AB!
2024 marks the second year of our gathering!

AärdCON is an RPG / fantasy conference open to adventurers of all ages, races, classes, shapes, and sizes.

It's a full day for anyone interested in Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs), Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), Fantasy Art and Media, Tabletop Terrain, Mini Painting, and so much more.

Our main events:
Official 2024 AärdCON Mascot
Last year was a massive success so make sure to add this event to your calendar as you will not want to miss it!

Tickets to AärdCON!

Tickets to attend AärdCON will be available at the door for the price of $10!

Note: Children 11 years of age or younger are free!

More on tickets here
A scale model of a mimic at the 2023 event!

What's New?


The show's hours have been extended - come anytime between 10:30am and 7:30pm to experience AärdCON!

More Gaming

We've tripled the number of gaming tables. Stop by and chuck some dice!


Stop by a learn a new skill from your favourite creator!

New Vendors

Every inch has been optimized to house as many of your favourite vendors as possible!